KAPA Pure Beads

Attract what matters.

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Enzyme solutions for PCR, Real-Time PCR,
and Next-Generation Sequencing.

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KAPA HyperPlus

NGS library preparation. Evolved.

Single tube fragmentation and
library preparation workflow in 2.5 hours


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KAPA Stranded RNA-Seq
with RiboErase

Evolved to Focus.

Comprehensive high-quality
transcriptome profiling


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Break through
your qPCR inhibitions

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We are pleased to share that today we officially became part of the Roche Group, in an exciting partnership that will accelerate our ability to pioneer new technologies and expand our product portfolio.  (Read the full announcement).  This deal closed today, and for the immediate future there will be no changes to our account teams, or your contacts for product services and support issues. We look forward to sharing more information with you as our integration plans get underway.

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