Kapa Brand Overview

Our Mission

Our mission is to continuously evolve as a business by producing best-in-class reagents that improve genomic technologies and applications through an unwavering commitment to innovative research, scientific integrity, product quality, employee development, and customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

Our vision to catalyze the genomic revolution by empowering researchers to advance life sciences and human health.

Kapa’s Brand Assets

Logo Formats

The Kapa Biosystems logo is the most immediate portrayal of our company, our people and our brand to the world. It is essential to use it consistently in the proper and approved forms.

Our logo is either 2 color using our green and grey or when one color is either solid grey or white.

Furthermore, we have a logo with a tagline and a logo without our tagline.
A084_0515_MKTG_CorpBranding_LogoImage (1)

The tagline logo is our main logo. Specifically, it should be used for all marketing materials and sales promotions. It should only be used on the top left or bottom right corners of a page at 3/8 the size of the page.

The non-tagline logo should be used on all internal communications, as well as for all technical collateral. The logo should only be used on the top left of bottom right corners of the page and as a rule should be 1/4 of the page size.

Download our Online logo package
Download our Print logo package

Brand Colors

All of our colors represent the vibrancy of the Galapagos Islands, which represents the genetic diversity discovered by Charles Darwin and nods to our commitment to improve innovative research.

Primary Palette: Our primary colors are green and grey.


Secondary Palette: These colors are only to be used with our 3 respective product lines, NGS, PCR and qPCR and should not be used unless approved by Kapa Biosystem’s marketing team.



As with our logo, consistent use of our corporate typeface – Lato – reinforces Kapa’s brand identity. The typeface provides linguistic support through widely expanded character sets and layout features.
Download the Lato font

Do not use: Lato Hairline, Lato Hairline Italic, Lato Thin, Lato Thin Italic, Lato Medium, Lato Medium Italic, LatoSemibold, LatoSemibold Italic, Lato Heavy, Lato Heavy Italic

Kapa Brand Usage

Logo Safety Space

When using our logo with other logos and graphic elements, maintain a safety space of our “M” on all sides.

A084_0515_MKTG_CorpBranding_SafetySpace (1)

Logo Usage Guidelines

Do not modify or alter any portion of our logo in any way. This includes using the dots only, tagline only, or using the logo in any way not shown here.


  • Stretch the logo
  • Rotate or change the direction of the logo
  • Change the color of the logo
  • Do not place the logo within a shape
  • Add any effects to the logo (including but not limited to drop shadows, shading, strokes, etc.)
  • Use old versions of the logo to represent our brand
  • Do not alter the relationship between the logo and the tagline
  • Have the logo smaller than 100 pixels wide

Using Kapa Biosystems brand in advertising


  • Use the Kapa Logo to show that your company uses Kapa Biosystems products
  • Use the Kapa logo to show that we will be in attendance at an event, or support your event, and company
  • Use our logo to link to our website


  • Use Kapa Biosystems in the name of your website, product or application.
  • Copy our look and feel, as this could create user confusion
  • Use our logo on merchandise without approval from the Kapa Marketing team
  • Use our logo larger than your own logo

These display guidelines are designed to help you use our brand assets, including our logo and content without having to negotiate legal agreements for each use. To make any use of our marks in a way that is not covered by these guidelines, please contact us at marketing@kapabiosystems.com and include a visual mockup of intended use.

If you are interested in collaboratons, publications, articles, use of our editorial content, please contact us at marketing@kapabiosystems.com.

By using the Kapa Biosystems logo you agree to follow this policy as well as our Terms of Service and all Kapa Biosystems rules and policies. Kapa Biosystems reserves the right to cancel, modify, or change the permission in this policy at any time at its sole discretion. For further information about use of the Kapa Biosystems name and trademarks, please contact marketing at marketing@kapabiosystems.com.