Kapa Biosystems Launches Inhibitor-Resistant qPCR Reagent Kit to Accelerate Workflows and Improve Target Amplification and Quantification of Crude Samples

WILMINGTON, Mass. – March 30, 2015 – (Businesswire) – Kapa Biosystems, Inc. today announced the launch of the KAPA PROBE FORCE qPCR Kit, which contains an inhibitor-resistant DNA polymerase and master mix for improved direct target amplification and quantification of crude samples with real-time PCR. The new kit is compatible with sequence-specific fluorogenic probe chemistries such as TaqMan® assays and is ideally suited for genotyping and gene expression applications in infectious disease and cancer research, as well as applied markets such as GMO testing and food/waterborne pathogen detection.

Quantifying nucleic acids from complex biological samples can be challenging due to reaction inefficiencies resulting from enzyme inhibition. Prior to sample analysis, researchers are required to perform DNA extraction and purification steps, which add processing time, increase costs, and often cause DNA loss with even the most efficient methods. The KAPA PROBE FORCE qPCR Kit is a novel product that contains a third-generation DNA polymerase designed to overcome common inhibitors that are present in blood, tissue, and plant-based samples. By removing the need for DNA purification and enabling the use of low-cost, crude-extraction methods, researchers are able to streamline their sample-to-quantification cycle (Cq) workflows to less than one hour. The kit also enables highly efficient multiplexing of samples to further increase throughput and reduce processing costs.

“Today’s high-throughput gene expression and genotyping real-time PCR applications often involve complex biological sample matrices that require greater levels of detection and process efficiency than ever before,” said Charles Joseph, Global Product Manager, qPCR at Kapa Biosystems. “The new KAPA PROBE FORCE qPCR Kit enables researchers to analyze samples directly from a crude extraction, which accelerates processing time while maintaining similar accuracy, reproducibility, and sensitivity seen with purified DNA samples.”

Available now, the KAPA PROBE FORCE qPCR Kit strengthens Kapa’s existing qPCR reagent portfolio and complements the company’s high-performance SYBR® Green-based qPCR kits. All of the reagents contain novel enzymes‚—engineered via directed evolution—that confer significant performance advantages when compared to traditional wild-type enzymes. Many of the products are optimized for challenging samples and high-throughput workflows.

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