Direct Plant PCR

Direct PCR from plant material is a challenging application as a result of the diversity of plant tissue types and the potent PCR inhibitors contained within the tissue. Success rates with direct PCR are typically low due to the high concentrations of inhibitors present in even small amounts of plant material, and the precise control of sample size required.

To solve these problems with direct plant PCR, we evolved a third-generation DNA polymerase with our directed evolution platform. The resulting enzyme, KAPA3G Plant, is not only more resistant to inhibitors co-purified in plant DNA extracts, but is also capable of amplifying DNA directly from plant tissues for several species. For more challenging plant species, the use of crude extractions is also possible with the KAPA3G Plant PCR Kit.

Use of the KAPA3G Plant PCR Kit enables researchers to convert their existing, laborious plant PCR screening workflows to a more high-throughput workflow, employing either leaf or seed material, or crude extracts as template. This significantly improves the turnaround time from sample to result, and eliminates the need for expensive and time-consuming DNA purification protocols.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Available Products


KAPA3G Plant PCR Kit

Enables robust amplification across a wide range of plant, template, and amplicon types.