GC-rich PCR

PCR of GC-rich DNA is problematic due to poor amplification efficiency—a result of stable secondary structures that resist melting and promote non-specific product formation. A variety of specialized protocols and buffer conditions have been developed to facilitate template denaturation and improve specificity. Wild-type DNA polymerases are inhibited by high concentrations of common buffer additives used to destabilize DNA secondary structure, and successful amplification is often dependent on the assay, GC content, and the complexity of the template DNA.

Kapa Biosystems has evolved enzymes with higher processivity and improved tolerance to DNA melting agents, enabling efficient amplification of DNA targets with extremely high GC content (>80%). Enzymes are supplied with proprietary reaction buffers developed specifically for GC-rich PCR.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Available Products


KAPA2G Robust PCR Kits

  • Achieve PCR success rates up to 84% GC content
  • Higher yield and sensitivity per unit of enzyme


  • 100% success rate with higher yields across all amplicons up to 84% GC content
  • Robust performance on difficult templates