Illumina Platforms

Kapa Biosystems offers a suite of innovative products for DNA and RNA sequencing workflows that incorporate novel, high performance enzymes engineered via directed evolution and provide a complete solution for sample QC, library preparation, amplification and quantification. These products are compatible with all Illumina® sequencing platforms and are optimized for demanding applications that require high-throughput sequence analysis of low-input, low-quality samples such as FFPE tissue. Automated methods for library preparation and quantification are available for PerkinElmer Sciclone®, Beckman Coulter® Biomex FX, WaferGen Apollo, Agilent® Bravo and Eppendorf® epMotion™. For more information, please visit Automation Solutions.

Illumina Sequencers


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Illumina-compatible Products