Food and Water Safety Testing

Food-borne illness is a major public health concern. In the US alone, there are 48 million cases of such illness each year from Salmonella, E. coli, Clostridium, and a host of other pathogens. Globally, contaminated food and water cause more than 200 diseases and lead to at least 2 million deaths annually. Testing food and water for pathogens and other contaminants is essential to ensuring public health and minimizing related healthcare costs.

Early detection can help prevent pathogen-related illnesses, but tests must balance the need for incredible specificity and sensitivity while maintaining speed, ease-of-use, and low costs. To meet these demands, many labs have turned to qPCR or PCR as robust techniques that can quickly and accurately detect pathogens in food or water. PCR and qPCR are less laborious than traditional culture approaches, and yield better specificity than immunoassays.

Kapa Biosystems has used its directed evolution platform to streamline qPCR and PCR protocols even further for food and water safety testing. DNA purification—essential for removing inhibitors—is a costly step in traditional workflows; it increases time needed to produce results, and decreases the amount of DNA available for testing. Kapa’s workflow solutions are robust enough to overcome inhibitors, eliminating the need for a purification step while generating high-quality results. Without DNA loss from the purification process, scientists are more likely to detect even trace amounts of pathogen DNA. They also get answers faster—a critical advantage in trying to stop the outbreak of food-borne disease.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Featured Products


  • Directly analyze samples without purification
  • Master mix contains KAPA3G DNA Polymerase, a highly inhibitor-tolerant enzyme
  • Sample-to-Cq workflows in <90 minutes when used with KAPA Express Extract

KAPA3G Plant PCR Kit

  • Fast PCR direct from plant tissues
  • Improved PCR success rates and reproducibility
  • Efficient amplification of long and difficult targets from all sample types

KAPA2G Robust PCR Kits

  • Improved tolerance for common inhibitors
  • Efficient amplification of GC- and AT-rich targets
  • Ideally suited for challenging PCR applications and difficult samples

KAPA Express Extract

  • Sample-to-PCR in 15 minutes
  • Single-tube extraction protocol generates PCR-ready DNA from a variety of sample types
  • Reduces risk of sample loss and contamination